About Sirens Media

Sirens Media is a forward-thinking, full-service production company dedicated to the creation of programming with a bold and innovative edge. Partners Rebecca Toth Diefenbach and Valerie Haselton founded the company in 2005, and have since produced hundreds of hours of award-winning and top-rated programming in the unscripted/reality/documentary space.

Rebecca Toth DiefenbachA graduate of UCLA, Rebecca began her career in Los Angeles as Director of Development for Mandalay Media Arts, Peter Guber's non-fiction production company. There, she developed and produced a wide-variety of programs including fiction, non-fiction, and theatrical (including IMAX) specials.

Valerie HaseltonAlso a California native, Valerie began her film career in England where she received her Master's degree in Film and Television from Bristol University. From there, Valerie joined Hybrid TV, where she directed and produced a daily live show that helped launch the careers of both Jason Bradbury and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Back in the U.S., both Valerie and Rebecca spent a number of years (we'll never admit how many) as freelancers, producing and show-running programs for all the major cable networks. Then in 2005, they summarily decided they were tired of making shows for The Man and struck out on their own, creating Sirens Media. From docusoap to crime, adventure to reality, Sirens quickly grew into a trusted producer of shows with potent drama, hot trends, and fabulous characters.

Sirens Media. Know what's next.

P.S. It should also be noted that Valerie is the author of two dazzlingly brilliant but inexplicably unpublished works of children's fiction. She owns no less than ten rejection letters regarding the aforementioned works. And if anyone laughs at her she'll wallop them with her boot. On a similar note, Rebecca is also often found pursuing her life-long dream of singing the role of Eponine in Les Miz (Broadway producers please note she will also accept the role of "dirty urchin #4").

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